To support one of the Topsectoren Missions of 2040 and make the dutch agricultural sector more adaptive, I researched, envisioned and designed an intervention. A bigger service strategy marks the route, and three small interventions manifest the first step of Visionary Guidance.


solo project

1,5 days / week
10 weeks


Topsectoren Netherlands

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The brief

Help the Netherlands achieve their Topsectoren Topsectoren Mission 2020. Make a vision and response in the domain of Agriculture.


Vision in Design
16X service strategy
Concept design


Service Strategy


The first step, is taking a stance

The Dutch agriculture sector is dynamic, efficient and highly competitive. In this era of transformations the 'context' of farming is changing. New regulations, expanding markets, consumer demands all put pressure on the farmer. For some, it can be hard to adapt. Visionary Guidance is a high-level service strategy, it's first step manifested in three small and personal interventions. The concepts are build up from a worldview on the interaction between government and farmers.

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The deliverable

Small interventions
providing reflective moments

First a bit about the bigger picture, the service strategy.

Visionary guidance is part of a larger service strategy in a sector with innovators and traditional organisations. It describes the role of an organisation that helps traditional and stuck farmers to become adaptive. Learning from the role model farming innovators and change makers, by translating their operations into 'guidelines'. This new organisation can then help stuck farmers, to reflect upon their position, and vision. It uses the learnings from the role models, to advice and develop the stuck farmers, to become adaptive.

These three designed interventions are the first in the process of helping farmers. Step one, reflect and open up the thought of change. The three concepts create small moments of reflection, in different environments with different people (or just yourself). Each ask questions that makes the farmer think about a certain topic, change, identity, culture and his view on the future. All the different objects are a first step towards the second step of consult, this is were the process of visionary guidance is continued.

The Process

From worldview, to interventions

This project was focussed on using the Vision in Design method. Core to this is first to define the 'raison d' être' of the phenomenon. From this stance, the future context is researched and a new stance is taken. From this stance, the product is designed, first the qualities that you want to achieve, only then the concept is manifested.

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Are you

A portfolio can only say so much of course, I would love to tell you more about the projects, my involvement or discuss what we could offer each other. Don't hesitate to contact me.