For Barco, a worldwide leading technology company specialised in imaging and collaboration technologies, we designed a new product service strategy to enter the construction market. One that creates synergy between stakeholders, and puts Barco in the centre.


team project

5 team members
10 weeks


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The brief

Research and design innovation opportunities for Barco, in the construction sector.


Service/System Design
Field research


Research insights
Service strategy
Product service concept


Creating synergy in construction

In the construction sector 12-15% of profits are lost due to low productivity, inefficiency and issues. The Barco BrightShare is a product service ecosystem that answers to this need. It combines smart-beamers and a digital portal to access digital construction tools. It brings together the right tools and people, creating synergy in construction.

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The deliverable

Making digital accessible
connecting people and information

The Barco Brightshare builds on the current strengths of Barco. Integrating projector and collaboration technologies in one project. It also makes Barco the connecting party, a platform for growth, by providing software developers with a channel to offer their products. By making it easy to communicate with each other over a distance, the Barco Brightshare provides value to the construction stakeholders. For the software companies a new platform and channel that is custom made for the constriction sector is created, increasing the reach to the market and quality control on the channel.

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The process

Lean, Strategic, Service design

Within this project we used the lean startup methodology, in combination with more traditional design and strategy methods. The lean method forced us to look into continuous idea validation. More traditional methods weaved the 'red line' through our process.

Barco HQ in Kortrijk

Company & market research

We started of with research Barco's product portfolio to uncover their technological specialism and capabilities. Next to that we started researching general facts and trends within construction and technology.

  • Barco, specialised in visualisation and communication technologies.
  • Market challenges, efficiency, collaboration and communication.
Highrise Construction at Night

Field research

As both the sector and kind of brief was new for use, we choose to explore the context of use and get in touch with the stakeholders early in the process. Engaging with people in interviews early on, and later on with validation sessions.

  • Field offices are pragmatic, dynamic and hands-on.
  • Many different stakeholders work together over distance and on-site.
A contruction shed from the outside
A real construction site, can be messy
A real construction shed, can be messy
Construction Data Journey

System analysis

Insights from the field research, combined with interview with experts (architects and construction people) and desk research where combined in a construction journey map and data journey. The two journey maps

  • Barco, specialised in visualisation and communication technologies.
  • Market challenges, efficiency, collaboration and communication.

Construction System Journey

Lean development

Coming up with solutions early in the process, and validating potential value. Within our team we had two strategies, work from the bigger picture, and start validating opportunities from the smaller perspective.

Evaluating our directions with stakeholders early in the process proved valuable for the development. Protecting your core concept development from early stakeholder judgment appeared to be a core learning.

Prototype to test the validity of a concept.

The prototype, a simple flyer to discuss and validate the idea with stakeholders.

Concept sketch, live construction billboard.

Concept sketch of the Digital Project Sign.

Immediatly testing the concept with real stakeholders.

Validation session with the prototype.

Concept ideation brainstormsession
Final concept render

Concept design

With the insights generated through our first lean validations, and with the company and market analysis information we zoned into our final concept. Combing both the technological strengths and market challenges into one product service vision.

Final service system visualisation

Smart innovation market day

The project was finished by presenting at Barco's HQ in Belgium. During the day there was a market, and we got to talk to many experts from the company. Our team was selected as one of the three teams to present before the board of Barco, and a surprise guest the Prince of Belgium. We ended second! With some nice Belgian beers as a reward.

Final presentation stand at Barco HQ in Kortrijk
Our team in dialogue with Barco employees about the concept
The final presentation stand

Are you

A portfolio can only say so much of course, I would love to tell you more about the projects, my involvement or discuss what we could offer each other. Don't hesitate to contact me.